Hull Name:Dungeon Class Stargate
Hull Id:108
Tech Level:10
Duranium:1250 kt
Tritanium:510 kt
Molybdenum:840 kt
Cost:1440 MegaCredits
Fuel Tank:440 kt
Advantage Points:10
Research Cost:3880 MegaCredits
Buildable By:Cyborg
Special Features:Stargate, Chunnel Stabilizer - Allows any ship to chunnel to any other stargate or valid chunnel target. Allows ships in the surrounding area to initiate chunnels while moving.
Hull Abilities:Chunnel Stabilizer, Emperor Ship, Stargate and Universal Chunnel Target


  • The Dungeon Class Stargate is too fragile to move under its own power. The engines are just to provide power for the Chunnel Stabilization Field.
  • The Dungeon Class Stargate is too fragile to be towed. It can, however be tow-captured if it has no fuel, by achieving a tow-lock.
  • The Dungeon Class Stargate is both massive and huge. In fact, it is so large that it can not fit through a normal warp Chunnel. In order to move the Dungeon Class Stargate through a warp Chunnel, there must be four Firecloud Class Cruisers at each end of the Chunnel when it's initiated.
  • The Dungeon Class Stargate has no armament, has no military score and counts as a Freighter.
  • The Dungeon Class Stargate is the only unarmed ship that has shields.
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